About us

Helen Balanoy

Clinic Manager

Helen has an overview of all operations at the Mill Creek Environmental Health Clinic. She is invaluable to the smooth functioning of the clinic, and she is the one to be contacted for any question related to our services.

Dr. Edmond Kyrillos

Medical Director

Dr. Edmond Kyrillos is a general practitioner who has a special interest in environmental medicine and psychotherapy.

With care at heart and a passion for sciences from early on, Dr. Kyrillos has chosen to study biology, engineering and medicine. After a short but successful career in aeronautical engineering, Dr. Kyrillos graduated in 2009 from the University of Ottawa and carried on with the practice of medicine.

Dr. Kyrillos’ training and work in multiple hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics across the country and at the international level made him increasingly conscious of the reality of chronic illness in healthcare, where too often, patients are left to their conditions with not much understanding and no further hope of improvement. In answer to that reality, Dr. Kyrillos has shifted his practice to dedicate himself specifically to patients who are seeking counselling to actively improve their health.

A wealth of experience has emerged from working alongside patients, training with renowned international experts in environmental medicine, functional medicine and psychotherapy, conducting environmental surveys and experiments and participating in various research activities. Today, Dr. Kyrillos strives to provide patients with an up-to-date, evidence based, and integrated approach to optimize their health and reduce the total burden of disease while increasing quality of life.